What Is Bamboo?


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It's a tree often used to make cane fishing poles. Koala bears eat bamboo.
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Bamboo is a plant belonging to the grass family - of course it is actually a giant grass which can grow up to 40 metres in height. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, and can accelarate by up to 1 foot per day in height.

Bamboo is used widely for garden plants as well as growing naturally in warmer climates. It is renowned for the invasive nature in which it grows, mainly spreading gradually underground through its roots and cropping up in random areas.

Bamboo shoots are edible as are the stalks which can be made into a soft drink or sweet wine.
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Bamboo is a plant that mostly pandas eat.
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It is a type of grass.
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Bamboo belongs in the grass family. It has a hard woody hollow stem and has an annual growth cycle with its natural green shine. It is pretty to look at and can be used in cooking and preparation of medicine. It is also used in religions. Koala Bears love bamboos.

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Bamboo is a plant, commonly grown in Asia. It is a type of grass with a hard, woody, hollow stem.
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Bamboo is a unique plant. All over the world, designers widely apply it in their best projects. Bamboo stalks have designers to create the most incredible compositions. You can also try making cheap bamboo crafts with your daughter. Minimal decoration of the bamboo frame looks quite exotic in the home interior. The perfect option for framing a mirror, a family photo, and even a flower pot In addition, this material is used in the manufacture of bed linen

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