What Is The Scientific Name For Chinese Bamboo?


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The scientific name for all bamboo plants is Bambuseae, and it's a truly amazing plant when you think about what you can do with it.

The uses of bamboo

  1. Bamboo is often used in the wood industry, and bamboo floors are becoming more and more popular around the world.
  2. Bamboo is also used as a means of forestry, and functions particularly well as a windbreak or landscaping screen.
  3. Bamboo is also a great provider of paper and pulp for a variety of paper based products such as newspapers, toilet paper, coffee filters, and cement stacks.
  4. Bamboo can be found in food and drink products, including bamboo beer and tea. 
  5. Recently, bamboo has been used to create amazing phones covers and as part of speakers and headphones

  6. Farmers have used bamboo to help build animal pens, as well as fishing traps and waterwheels.
  7. Plus loads of other cool stuff, like chopsticks, helmets, furniture, and even houses!

Check out this great video showing the vast amounts of uses of bamboo, you'll be blown away!

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