Who Invented Barbie Doll?


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Ruth Handler is the lady who created Barbie and thought of this brilliant idea and presented it to the toy company, Mattel, Inc, which produced it then.

The idea simply came in to her mind when she saw how her children played with paper dolls or baby dolls, and how her children would talk to the dolls and imagine them as being adults. She immediately thought of the idea of having adult dolls, which could be a symbol of an every day girl, who dresses up for work, school or shopping.

Mr. Handler, worked for the toy company, Mattel, Inc, so Ruth showcased her idea to the company and after a few talks the production of Barbie began.

She came up with the name "Barbie", as her daughter's name was Barbara, and later launched the toy at a annual American toy fair, and instantly it was a great hit, with more than 400,000 sales. The doll was introduced as a teenage fashion model which was very appealing to the children of that generation. Mattel, Inc, produced a whole fashion line for the Barbie, which attracted millions of children all over the world and made them crazy over this new toy. Not only children but adults were also attracted to this doll and starting collecting them.
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Barbie was set out, at the American International Toy Fair in New York in February in the year 1959. She was the creation of Elliot Handler, who was basically the founder of Mattel, Inc., and his better-half, wife, Ruth. Barbie was given the name, after their baby girl who's name was Barbie and Ken was their son's name. The doll's womanly figure and painted face got a number of mixed and different reviews, it has also being said that in the coming thirty-five years, Barbie will still be the best production and the best, successful and lasting toys ever made in the history of market. The creation of Barbie has not only given the market a new shape but also a lot of strength and courage to move on, in order to win the hearts of million of Barbie lovers.

Almost about half a billion Barbie's lover, over one billion if sales of her sidekick dolls like Ken and Skipper are included then, they have been sold in more than one hundred and forty countries. Each week, Mattel sells over 1.5 million dolls and that makes almost dolls per second. Ninety percent of the girls in American have at least one Barbie doll, over the last forty years.
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The Barbie doll was the brainchild of an American businesswoman Ruth Handler (1916-2002); she got the idea when she observed that her daughter Barbara was more interested in playing with adult like dolls rather than dolls which portrayed infants and small children according to the trend then. Also on a trip to Europe she observed the German made Bild Lilli doll which fuelled her imagination to introduce a similar doll back in the United States.

As a result on March 9, 1959 the doll christened as Barbie a short form of her daughter Barbara's name was launched at the New York International American toy fair. The doll was marketed by the Mattel toy company of which her husband Eliot Handler was co-founder. Barbie proved to be a huge success and quickly became a cult figure with a Barbie doll a necessary accessory of every little girl's playhouse. With the introduction of Barbie's wardrobe the Barbie doll became a model for the latest fashion trends and became popular with girls of all ages.
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Barbie doll was invented in 1959; her inventor name was Ruth Handler who was an American national. She was a successful businesswoman. It is difficult to believe but it looks like a humane being. She was the daughter of Ruth and Elliot Handler who's name was Barbara Handler. The doll was made up with molded plastic that was automatically improbable.
In the start of 1950s, Handler felt that her young daughter, Barbara, and her girlfriends enjoyed playing with young female dolls as compare to baby dolls. Handler felt that it was just as important for girls to think what they themselves might grow up.
Because all the young dolls that were find that time were made of paper or cardboard, Handler decided to make a three-dimensional young female doll, Handler discussed her idea to the ad executives at Mattel Corp., Ruth and her husband Elliot were the founder of this company that was situated in their garage. The idea was rejected because it was very expansive. Handler designed a doll that was similar to Lilli. Finally, company accepted back the efforts of handler and Barbie was created. First Barbie doll was in white and black striped bathing cloth and in ponytail hairstyle.
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This Cute doll was made-up by Ruth Handler in 1959 and she named this doll after the name of her own daughter; her daughter name was Barbara. This adorable doll was acquainted to the world at the American Toy Fair and it was appreciated by all and sundry there. It was proposed to be a beautiful, smart and attractive teenaged fashion doll. There are so many controversies about the figure of this adorable doll but it is dear to everyone beside any kind of controversies. In 1965, it was introduced with fewer new features and one thing interesting in that doll was that it had flexible legs and so they had the ability of bending.

In the early 1950s, Ruth observed that her little daughter, Barbara, and her girlfriends take pleasure in playing with grown-up female dolls as much or more than with baby or infant dolls. She perceived that it was just as significant for girls to visualize what they themselves may develop to become as it was for them to focus on what caring for children might be like.
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Ruth handler did.barbie was OK til 2001(which when when I was born) the bratz came and now they are not going to be  made by  mga it was a  MGA  Entertainment vs mattel OR for dolls, bratz vs barbie . I do not know which one is better just go to youtube and search "is bratz a barbie relative?"to see  mor information
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American woman ruth handler

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