What Are Different Types Of Animal Tissues?


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Animal Tissues
       Animal tissues are divided into four major types.
           (1)Epithelial tissues     (2) Connective tissues
(3)Muscle tissue       (4) Nerve tissue
         These four types are further divided into sub-types according to their functions or location. A few of them are explained briefly.

(1)Epithelial Tissue
    They are found as outer most layer of an organ, or as lining of body invaginations and tubular parts. Structurally, these cells are flattened and elongated. They may from one or more layers of epithelial tissues of skin called squamous epithelium, providing protection. Some cells are cubicle in shape. They are called cuboidal epithelial cells. They line the glandular ducts and help in the production of cell secretions.

(2)Connective Tissues:
     This is composed of semi fluid matrix containing a variety of cells and fibers. It is the major supporting tissue of the body and some of its other functions are packing and binding of structures. They provide protection against microbial invasion and also help in the production of blood cells. There are two types of connective tissues. Fatty tissue and tendons are the examples of soft connective tissue.

(3)Muscular Tissue:
     This tissue is composed of contractile cells of fibers. Each muscle fiber is an elongated cell, which has the ability to contract and relax. This tissue causes movement of the body and body parts.

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Epithelial tissue, muscular tissue, connective tissue, nervous tissue
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