Where Do Black Holes Come From?


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Black holes are the result of supernova. A super nova is when the core of a big star, having shed its outter layers implodes upon its self. Because of the huge mass of the core of the star, nothing can stop its gravitational collapse, and all this mass is concentrated into a infinitely small, and infinitely dense point, called the singularity, which is the centre of the black hole.
There are other ways black holes can form, but the vast majority of the larger black holes in outer space were formed by this way.
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A black hole occurs when stars (like the sun), get too old, and die if you like... and when they get too old and die, they just collapse, smack, right in on themselves... And this forms a black hole. The gravity from the star pulls all the gas, basically into itself, and that is how a black hole comes from. A star.

All the gravity from a dead star sucks everything into it!
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It comes from a huge star that dies out and collapse right into itself. The gravity is so strong that it pulls anything into it. So a black hole is created by a STAR
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When a huge star, a Quazar, dies out it collapses in on its self creating huge gravity which is so great all matter is sucked into it.
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Black holes are formed as a result of a whole lot of matter being condensed to extreme conditions. Super-massive black holes are formed as a result of stars going super-nova, and then collapsing under their own weight. Microscopic black holes are formed as a result of high energy particles colliding with one another. For example, solar energy is currently bouncing off of the atmosphere, and many micro-black holes are being formed. Some just passed through your body.
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Despite common misconceptions, black holes DO NOT SUCK things into them.  In fact, there are often objects that orbit around black holes.  If, however, something gets too close to a black hole, it cannot escape.  If our sun would spontaneously turn into a black hole (which it can't do), something would have to pass within 3 km of it to not be able to escape.  The earth would continue to orbit the sun.  They are called black because they do not reflect light as even the light cannot escape and come back to us.
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Black holes are in outer space and astronomers detect them with active energy radio
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It forms from a star when the star light and heats comes down the star becomes black hole and it's gravity is too high but it's light and heat is 0 =]
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Black hole forms because of the massive gravity on a star tha cuases it to suck in anything and nothing can escape such a thing

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