How can the Sun help us? 


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The Sun is fundamental to our existence on Earth. For example, the average surface temperature of Pluto is 229 degrees Celsius.

Pluto is a long distance from the Sun, and only receives a tiny fraction of its energy, but it is far too cold for sophisticated life as we know it to exist, even though it still gets some sunlight.

In deep space, without any sunlight at all, it would be even colder.

The Benefits of Sunlight to Planet Earth
If it weren't for the Sun, there would be no way that we could live on Earth. The heat energy that our planet captures warms our atmosphere, and the light energy is converted into food by plants. The growth of plants is what feeds the animals on our planet, and they in turn both feed us.

Light energy from the Sun can be converted into electricity. The heat energy can be used to heat water. Ultraviolet light from the Sun's rays can be used to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms in air and water.

The heat energy from the Sun can also be used to remove toxins from water using a solar still. This works by first turning the water into vapour, and then capturing that vapour, and turning it back into purified water.

With modern design techniques, sunlight can be used to heat and light buildings during the daytime, reducing our reliance upon carbon-heavy heating and lighting technologies.

A lack of sunlight has direct effects on humans too: Rickets disease is a softening of the bones in children, caused predominantly by a lack of vitamin D (which is synthesized by the body when it's exposed to sunlight).
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Well, for starters, it gives us light. It also gives us Vitamin D. Then warmth. It feeds our plants, which feed us.

Isn't it awesome that God made the Sun?

Did you know that the Earth is in the perfect position from the Sun? If the Earth were a few degrees closer to the Sun, it would be too hot for us to live here. If it were a few degrees farther, it would be too cold for us to live here.

I just thought I would share that with you.

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