Can Someone Tell Me How To Convert Linear Yards To Square Meters?


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When something is priced at $ per linear yard, that is the only way it is sold, usually. You cannot convert that to $ per square yard.

But if you are NOT converting from linear to square to volume, as your first question states, you can use simple conversion factors.

for example, $10 per yard x 1 yard per / 0.91 meter = $11 per meter.

$10 per yard² x 1 yard² per / 0.91² meter² = $12 per meter².

(yard² = square yard) If you are need to know more about Linear Yards To Square conversions then use this Unit Converter.

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There is no conversion of linear distance to area.
If you have linear yards of material of some width, you can find the area of the material and convert that to square meters.  Example  I have 85 yards of cloth 60 inches wide. I want to find its area in m^2.  (85 yd)(60 in)(0.9144 m/yd)(.0254 m/in)  = 85*60*.9144*.0254 m^2  ≈ 118.451 m^2

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