What Is A Collage Of The Economic Activities In The Developing Countries?


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Whilst developed countries tend to focus on banks and developing a labour intensive market through a tremendous amount of trade, those countries that are still developing are focusing much more on different economic activities.

Developing countries like Brazil are shipping out a huge amount of local raw sugar cane. As this is a raw material and sugar cane is in big demand, they rely this to make profits as they lack the infrastructure so they have to rely on the land and territory.

This solution for financial gains is also the case in Colombia. The coffee beans grown deep in the mountains over South America are highly desired and for this reason the majority of leading supermarkets stock coffee that have come from Colombian including brands such as Kenco and Nescafe.

In this case the developing countries focus on arable and raw material industries, such as farming, fishing or mining.

This is the case in Asia too where there is a high demand for their fish which gets shipped to various places around the world. Local businesses are encouraged which results in strong local economies. Cross business promotion encourages local retailers and small businesses to thrive.

In essence there are plenty of developing economies out there who are producing anything from coffee to corn. These countries know they possess a wealth of raw materials that developed countries will want; this can often lead to the exploitation of natural resources by developed countries.

Multinational corporations have access to a significant amount of funds so as a result money is doing the talking in these examples because the developed countries are snapping up the literal abundance of raw materials available.

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