How To Make A Collage Of Economic Activities In The Developing Countries?


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For the first step in your collage of economic activities in the developing countries, get a large, light-colored piece of canvas or craft board, and draw a map of the African continent onto its surface (on one side only); then, color in the edges of the map to create an artistic backdrop for your economic activities. Once the map is complete, use felt shapes or cardboard shapes to indicate economic activities, such as a man making crafts and selling them, or a woman tending to a plot of land that grows vegetables, which she will then sell when they are ready to harvest.

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Larger economic activities, such as banking at African banks, can also be indicated with felt shapes or cardboard cut into the shapes of buildings. Add details to your collage by cutting up magazines and pinning or gluing down other pictures that fit your theme. Use a black permanent marker to add even more details - you could write the word "Bank" on the felt or cardboard shape of a bank building (of course, this is just one example). Get creative to make the most of your art project, but always stick to your theme.

  • Supplies

To make a great-looking project that you are proud to show off, use poster paints (these should be non-toxic), needles, thread, craft glue (a hot glue gun will work well for sticking on shapes to the background), and markers to create your project.

If you're a good sewer or seamstress, you may want to consider making figures out of felt, and creating a quilt of economic activities in developing countries. To do this, add polyester fill to the space between the small shapes and the large background, and sew the shapes into position. Add embellishments (sequins, beads) to give your collage a lovely look people will enjoy.

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