What Are The Types Of Economic Activities?


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  • What are economic activities?
Any type of economic activity is an activity that works towards the production and distribution of goods and services. It is basically any activity within an economy. Production happens at all levels and can include things such as farming and hunting and distribution occurs, when the shops and markets that sell the products.

This is a basic level of economic activity and may have been how economies worked hundreds of years ago. These days, we trade with countries from all around the world and economic activities have become more complex.

Economic activities are potentially endless as there will always be activities that will need to be fulfilled in order the keep an economy afloat. There will always be money that needs to be earned in order to keep families with roofs over the heads and food and clothing.

  • The importance of an economy
It is very important for a country to have an economy because they will not survive if they have no way of earning money. They need to provide some kind of goods or services that are wanted by people other than themselves in order to trade for other goods and services. It is extremely difficult to be self-sufficient these days so it is unlikely that a country can live without an economy and be entirely self-sufficient.

Resource maintenance is the level of economic activity that tries to ensure there will be an economy in the future. It is necessary to do everything we can to preserve the economy and make sure it is there for future generations. In farming this is particularly important as industrialization is taking over in many areas, which means farming has less space within an economy.
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Wrong 4 types
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Broadly there are two types of economic activities, the first is formal which is monitored by the legal and economic institutions of a country. These activities are performed by large businesses and enterprises. The other one is informal which is not taxed or monitored by the government or another local institution. These activities are usually carried out by small community owned enterprises or may be related to voluntary work. The informal economic activities are usually associated with developing countries.
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Examples of economic activities in a family.

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