What Are The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Using Plastic Bags?


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1. Durable
2. Strong
3. Low cost
4. Water and chemical resistant
5. Light
6. Cheap

1. Nonrenewable source
2. Contributes greatly to pollution in the oceans
3. Plastic bags can suffocate
4. All plastics are petroleum based products. I.e. They come from oil
5. Produces a highly toxic fume when burnt
6. Most plastics end up in landfill or marine sources
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Plastic bags are a product that is made using a petroleum base. Therefore it uses up resources. On the other hand, it saves trees. On the other hand, it does not degrade for many years and therefore takes up needed space in our landfills. They blow around and can be found in trees, fences etc. And cause us to have to have more people in the waste pick up positions not to mention the pure ugly aspect of it. Some good points, some bad points.
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Plastics are non- biodegradable, they require thousands of years to decay. They are one of the causes of deforestation, deaths of animals etc..
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One of the biggest reasons of the pollution is plastic bags. Especially in the seashores aquatic species dying just because of plastic bags. People should avoid using plastic bags just to control the pollution. It is very important to spread awareness among people by writing some research papers with https://paper-writing-service.reviews/writingessayeast-com-review/ website's help, sharing social media posts as well as distributing pamphlets.

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