Why Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?


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They should be banned because the use of plastic bags is also a cause for increase in global warming. They also block the pipes etc.leading to floods and clogging.
But where we are concerned we can always move to an alternative and support the ban of plastic bags.
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is a very debatable question that whether plastic bags should be banned or not.
We all know that it takes so many years for a plastic bag to breakdown. Even though
newer methods are being developed to speed up the decomposition, the adoption
of these methods will take time. Until such a time, we should definitely discourage
the use of plastic bags. Banning is the extreme form but we cannot ban plastic bags
till we provide and educate the people about the alternatives. First we should tell
people how they can use paper and even reusable cloth bags and then gradually
move towards a ban. 
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Plastic bags should not be banned I have done a lot of study and I have found most people re-use there plastic bags and have recycled them it is cheaper and is the most environmentally safe for the environment only having 0.01% of impact on the environment, so if you do stop using plastic bags it will not do much to the environment.  If we use paper bags it will cause more havoc because the cutting down of trees, research has also found that fabric bags have more impact in land fill and is more toxic.  Therefor we should keep plastic bags and just learn to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE!
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They pollute the atmosphere and its really impossible to destroy plastic completely.
A plastic bag it is banned,bacause if we put more than four heavy stuff, it can breakdown faster...right??

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