What Would Happen In The Absence Of Gravity?


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Gravity is actually the force of attraction in the sense that it pulls things together. It holds stars and galaxies together. Gravity even enables the Moon and other satellites to orbit the Earth.
Without gravity, it would be impossible for mankind to survive, since we would simply fall off the Earth.
The importance of gravity was first detailed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1687 and since then has been recognised, together with friction, as the most important forces within the entire Universe.
If the Universe were to collapse, due to lack of gravity, it is thought that the stars, galaxies and Earth etc would simply drift through space and time. The universe has no known start or finish, no top or bottom and since there is no gravity there is no central pull, so there would be nowhere for everything to gravitate towards, no logical landing point. Everything would simply drift.
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If there is no gravity, we will remain floating in the air, and everything would remain suspended in the atmosphere.

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