Is There Gravity On The Moon?


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There is gravity on or in every single object that exists in the universe. Gravity is simply the force which pulls every object in the universe towards every other object in the universe.
But the force of gravity depends on two and their distance from each other. For example, there is a force of attraction between you and the earth. But the earth is so enormous compared to you that it pulls on you. The force of this pull is what you weigh at the earth's surface. But if you were twice as far from the centre of the earth as you are now (or 4,000 miles in the air), you would weigh only one-quarter of what you weigh here on earth. The moon is a huge object but compared to the earth it is rather small. The moon weighs only 1/81 as much as the earth. So its gravity, or pull, on its surface is much less than that of the earth. In fact, it is only one-sixth as strong as that of the earth.

So when a man is on the moon, his weight is only one-sixth of his weight on the earth. If he made a jump while standing on the moon, he could jump six times as high! And if he threw a ball, it would go up six times as far, because the pull of the moon's surface is so much weaker than that of the earth.
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