How Can I Make A Working Model Of An Excretory System?


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An excretory system, in humans or animals, is designed to eliminate toxic waste and support a healthy process called homeostasis, which keeps the body in balance. To design a model of an excretory system, a student can create body parts used in an excretory system out of various craft materials, such as:

• Clay
• Styrofoam
• Cardboard
• Felt

However, getting such a model to work may be very difficult. The excretory system is complex and difficult to mimic in a working model, unless they create is very skilled at making crude machines that mimic bodily processes.

Filters Can Simulate Excretion

• To simulate the effect of an excretory system, a person might consider using filters that remove fluid (to simulate toxins) to give the effect of excretion. Filters could be used to symbolize the excretion of harmful substances.
• Fluid or gels could be poured into the working model, and filters could be places at strategic intervals, simulating the excretion process of certain organs and body parts, such as the large and small intestines, the bowel, the bladder, etc.

Making a working model is a challenge, but it can add a great deal of visual impact to a science project or exhibition. In fact, most science museums and centers feature very accurate and anatomically correct working models of the body's systems. However, the people who create these models have access to plastic molds, high-tech plastics, woods, fabrics, glues and tools that make the act of creating a working model much easier. 

If possible, find a video or picture of a working model of the excretory system on the Internet, and use it as a guideline. While this model may not come with instructions, it will provide a handy template you can work from while you create your own working model for a science project or some other purpose.
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I need one too for my class!!

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