How To Make A Heart Model Of Circulatory System?


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To make a rough, crude model of the circulatory system you can use a plastic bottle. It does get quite complicated though, but then you are making a model of a heart - the most important organ.
First, cut out the bottom of a plastic bottle with scissors. Obviously be careful with the sharp edges of the plastic and the scissors, especially if making this with a child. The bottom of the bottle is going to be used as the valve. You should then cut the middle of the bottom three ways, to represent the tricuspid valve. You then invert the valve, and place it in the lower portion of the bottle.
Now for the tubing, you need to cut a three foot and a two foot long section of 7/8 inch tube. You then also need to cut 7 lots of one foot long 5/16 inch tubing. The three foot section, being the bigger tube, represents the artery. The two foot section is the vein, and the smaller segments of thinner tubing represent the capillaries.
You need to place some glue around the bottle opening and then insert the artery tube into the bottle. The capillaries should be tied together and then glued. When the glue is dry you can remove the ties. Then it's just a simple matter of connecting the system up.
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