Give The Picture With Parts Of Bunsen Burner?


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You will find a picture of a Bunsen burner at the following website:

You will discover the picture in the link provided gives you all the information you need to learn the various parts of a Bunsen burner. You can probably print it off from the online site and even adapt it if you need it for a test.

  • The parts of a Bunsen burner

The parts of the Bunsen burner are the oxidizing flame, hottest part of the flame, reducing flame, barrel, air ports, needle valve, where the air enters, base, where the gas enters, burner tubing, gas valve and gas line.

You may not need to know all of what is pictured in the diagram in the above link. Most teachers want you to be able to identify where the gas line is, the gas valve, the tubing, the needle valve, base, air ports and the barrel.

  • Safety measures
A Bunsen burner is a simplistic chemistry lab device that can be very important to your studies. It is also a piece of equipment that requires you to handle it very carefully.

Since it uses gas and a flame you want to make sure you are not harmed when you use it. You also have to make certain that the tubing and all other parts of the Bunsen burner are not leaking any air or gas. This could cause a hazard in the lab.
Furthermore, it could be detrimental to your health.

  • Uses of a Bunsen burner
A Bunsen burner is often used to heat test tubes or beakers. You can hold the items over the flames in order to get the liquid or other particles heated inside. Most often the Bunsen burner is best for test tubes, where you have a test tube stand to hold it over the flame while you are working in the lab.

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