How Do You Make Bunsen Burners?


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A Bunsen burner can be made by taking a burner which is made of a fireproof material and feeding methane gas (which is chemically represented by the formula CH4) into it through the gas inlet. The rate at which the methane (or CH4) gas enters the burner is controlled by what is known as the gas control needle valve.

The air control vent is used to adjust the rate at which air enters your Bunsen burner. Methane (CH4) and oxygen (O2) are mixed together in the Bunsen burner tube. When it is ignited, it produces a flame.

Before you begin to use your Bunsen burner, you must be careful not to keep any flammable materials in the laboratory. If there are any flammable materials in the laboratory, you must remove them immediately. Another useful bit of advice for the users of a Bunsen burner is that they should make sure that their face, clothes and hair are not directly above or near the opening of the tube of the Bunsen burner.

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