Who Are The Filipino Scientists With Their Pictures?


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As I unfortunately do not have the photographs that you are referring to I can only make assumptions to who these scientists may be. In any case I have compiled a list of several Filipino scientists who are considered to be successful in their chosen field. It may be worth you looking at the short descriptions and finding a relevant picture of them to match up with your examples. I hope they can be of some help.

• Alfedo C. Santos - Carried out significant research concerning the isolation and structural explanation of phaeanthine and phaeantharine, two alkaloids from indigenous medicinal plants.

• Arturo Alcaraz - A geothermal energy specialist and renowned volcanologist.

• Jose Rodriguez -Scientist and researcher who made advancements in the control of leprosy.

• Eduardo San Juan - Instrumental in the development of the Lunar Rover or Moon Buggy.

• Julian Banzon - Excelled in work regarding the production alternative fuels.

• Benjamin Cabrera - Made developments in medicinal treatments for diseases caused by mosquitoes.

• Paulo Campos - Constructed the Philippines first radioisotope laboratory.

• Magdalena Cantoria - Highly regarded botanist.

• Josefino Comiso - Physicist who has been a vocal campaigner on the issue of global warming.

• Lourdes Cruz - Contributed to the advancement and understanding of conotoxins in biochemistry.

• Rolando De La Cruz - Creator of anti cancer skin cream DeBCC.

• Fe Del Mundo - Undertook research leading to the invention of a more effective incubator for premature babies and apparatus used to combat jaundice in children.

• Agapito Flores - Claimed by many to be the inventor of the fluorescent lamp.

• Angel Alcala - Produced artificial coral reefs used within the fishing industries of Southeast Asia.
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Francisco santos
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I'm sorry. I doubt many have pictures of, on their computer. Please try Google > Images > Filipino Scientist > Circa ????
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Julian Bazzaro (I think dats his name) he invented the cure 4 mosquito bites and agricultural plants...sori but I don't hve a picture coz I'm searching up a scientist 4 my project 2....

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