What Are The Precautions To Be Taken During A Cyclone?


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Stay indoors
stuff your house with essentials for atleast another three days
drink safe and boiled water
eat well cooked food
wear warm clothes
don't go near beaches
help those in distress
charge your cells and inverters to its maximum capacity
The high winds and heavy rain that occur during a cyclone can cause substantial damage to your home and possessions but it's the damage that can often be prevented.

First you and the members of your family must have complete awareness of this threat of nature.

Your house can have metal shutters instead metal and wooden fittings outside your home . (e.g. Decorative canopy )

Trees will need regular trimmings.

Keep the storm water drains free from any blocks .

You should take refuge at the strongest part of your home like where you have the concrete columns .

Don't stand beneath ceiling fans and chandeliers which may fall down

When the strong wind blows cover yourself with pillows and bed sheets to reduce the physical injury.

Avoid phone as there will be lightning

At the same time you should be prepared to leave your home sufficiently in advance to safety. Then you must always have a safety kit or you must train yourself to make the kit in a short time.

If hurricane is likely to cross on your journey way , take shelter in a safe place.

If after the hurricane is over, you may have the danger of being hit by some falling objects.

You must identify shelter homes beforehand and move swiftly there. Brain storm with the members of your family and solicit their ideas . Not only they may be able to give novel ideas they will get a tremendous sense of involvement.
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Do not stay under bridges.The wind can blow with great pressure and may throw you,that may cause major injuries.

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What is this what is the meaning

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Try to get into a below ground shelter, cover all windows, nail plywood to them, or find shelter in a strong bldg. That is made of brick or stone. Also, make sure you have plenty of supplies, canned food and water bottles for an emergency

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