What Are Cyclonic Winds?


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Winds that result from the rotation of the Earth are called as cyclonic winds. They are usually caused by the Coriolis force. Cyclones are results of cyclonic winds. These are huge storms (revolving) that are caused by winds that blow around an area of low atmospheric pressure. Cyclones are also called typhoons or hurricanes. In the northern hemisphere they blow in an anti-clockwise direction while in the southern hemisphere, they blow in clockwise direction. Cyclones develop near the Equator, usually over warm seas. Areas of low pressures form when air is heated by the sun and rises swiftly. The air gets loaded with moisture as the air rises which turn into thunderclouds. The void in between is filled by cold air but as the Earth rotates around the axis, the air bends inwards and spirals upwards with force. The rotation of the winds forms a circle which is usually up to 2,000 km across.

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