How Long Without Food And Water Does It Take For The Human Body To Die?


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      When caring for patients on IV's when the urinary output stops, the person dies within 24-48 hours.  As far as not having any food?  I would think it would depend on the medical condition (liver and brain mainly) and how much fat the person has on them.  I have heard of people lasting 3-4 weeks.  hopes that gives you a little help.
     Also, when a person is critically ill and will die sooner than later, when you talk to them, even if in a coma, and tell them, "it is OK to go, I will be just fine." then, unless they are waiting for someone to come to see them, they usually die within a day or so.  I will keep you and your family in prayer.
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I concur lol. A week maybe without water and 3 to4 weeks without food.
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My mom is in hospice has not had any food or drink in 15 days and urine stopped 3 days ago. She is still alive if you can call it that.
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My mother-in-law is in hospice and is DNR, with no IVs. We asked the nurse how long could she survive with no fluids. The nurse said it varies, but that her own mother had lasted 3 weeks. We all agreed that this was a remarkably long time.
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Because in all food there are calories. Calories is another word for energy, so when you eat calories you get lots of energy which you need. If you don't eat food then you won't be getting the calories your body needs to function properly.

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