Can Anyone Please Explain Me The 'Process Of Food Assimilation And Absorption' In The Human Body? Please Explain The Entire Procedure.


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The assimilation process of digested food in humans is very much complex as the digested food has to be utilized in a very proper way that can help human to live healthy life. The products of the digestion are finally absorbed through the lining of small intestine into the blood stream and become a part of the cell components, this is called assimilation. Blood carries these products to each and every part of the body. On reaching the cells they either take part in the synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins and fats of the human tissue or are metabolized to generate energy in the form of ATP which is used when required.

When organisms take in more carbohydrates than required the body, tends to store them in the form of glycogen in the liver and the muscle cells. Glycogen stored in the muscles is a source of energy for people doing heavy physical labor; it also regulates the level of sugar in blood. If caloric intakes increase then the body requirements, the excess may be stored as fats in the storage organs to be used in cases of starvation or in crises. It has been observed that the human body can survive on stored fat for at least forty days.

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