Who Invented Writing?


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I think that the writing was invented by the first people at the time when they began to make drawings on the rocks. With their drawings they expressed emotions, stories and life on the rocks, the same is done by essay writers on their papers. So following from this, writing was invented even before there was a certain language to which people communicated. This is really an interesting question that can be debated for a long time. Thank you for this discussion.

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The time before writing was prehistory, and then the Sumerian Of Mesopotamia invented writing. Then Egyptians used hieroglyphics - an early form of writing - which they carved into stone or wrote on papyrus as paper.
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There are two very closely-timed advents in writing:

  1. The first is in China, circa 4500 BCE with the old bone counters.
  2. The second is the early Mesopotamian (Sumerian and early Akkadian) Bullae (Clay Shape markers) or symbol images.

However, both of these were not writing in the strict sense, but counters used as markers of quantity and type for bookkeeping purposes. 

 The earliest attested writing is the Sumerian Cuneiform writing of southern Mesopotamia (Present day Iraq) circa 4000BCE.

This was followed quickly in the Nile valley (Circa 3800) by the advent of early old kingdom hieroglyphic materials in story.

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It is thought that writing was invented about 5,000 years ago by the Sumerian people of Mesopotamia (part of Iraq in today's world).  

Writing was called cuneiform, which translates as 'wedge-shaped' because writing was done by pressing a reed into soft clay tablets to make wedge-shaped marks.  Cuneiform started off as pictures of objects or pictograms.
So How Did These Pictograms Become Writing As We Know It?

Over time, these pictograms were simplified to make them easier to 'write' and letters as we know them developed from this. 
The Greeks are widely credited with having invented the first alphabetic script, around 100 years BC.
The Chinese probably invented writing using a brush and ink 1500 years before the birth of Christ. 
At a similar time, the Egyptians started to use hieroglyphs and papyrus, a paper made from the stems of the papyrus plant. 
 Later, papyrus was replaced with parchment made from animal skins, but the Chinese first started using paper from wood pulp in the first Century AD.
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The Sumerians in Mesopotamia are thought to have invented writing around 5,000 years ago I think it is

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