What Is Scienctific Attitude Of Gregorio Zara?


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Gregorio Zara has a very passionate attitude towards science. With 30 devices and pieces of equipment patented to his name, he is one of the most successful Filipino inventors in history. Zara is most famous for his title as the first inventor of the videophone as well as discovering the physical law of electrical kinetic resistance, known as the Zara effect. With various achievements and awards associated to his name, Gregorio Zara was an engineer, physicist and educator that in 1978 was conferred as a National Scientist.

  • Gregorio Zara's Inventions
Renowned for his invention of the first videophone, Zara also has a number of other discoveries and inventions to his name. He was the first to invent an airplane that could run on plain alcohol as fuel. He was also the inventor of a propeller cutting machine and of a microscope with a collapsible stand. Zara contributed towards to the design of the robot Marex X10 and made significant improvements to the methods of producing solar energy. The latter involved the creation of new designs for solar water heaters, a sun stove and a solar battery.

  • Gregorio Zara's achievements
While each of the 30 inventions that Zara has patented to his name are achievements, he was also given a number of awards. Dating back to his time spent at university, Zara was certified with a degree of Doctor of Science in Physics. This degree was classified as 'Tres Honorable', a qualification that is reserved only for the elite. Post university, Zara was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal for his work related to solar energy research, aeronautics and television. He was the recipient of the Presidential Gold Medal and Diploma of Honor for Science and Research, as well as the Culture Heritage Award for Science Education and Aero Engineering.

With so many inventions, discoveries and achievements, Gregorio Zara's scientific attitude was nothing short of enthusiastic. His contributions made him famous across the world and a legend in Filipino history.
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