Who Are The Filipino Scientist Who Are In The Field Of Electricity?


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Filipino scientist Arturo Alcaraz went down in history for his contributions in the field of scientific research in geothermal energy - he was also well-known for his inventions in the field of electricity. In his lifetime, this brilliant scientist, who hailed from the Southeast Asian island known as the Philippines, created a fascinating steam-powered light bulb that gave more citizens access to affordable light. Since Arturo Alcarez was an expert of studying volcanos, he had special knowledge of geothermal energy, and this allowed him to investigate the best ways to power electricity during geothermal energy. People who study volcanos in a scientific sense are known as vulcanologists.

  • Another important scientist

Roberto del Rosario created an electricity-powered invention that has made life more fun for countless people from all over the world. In the mid-70's, del Rosario invented the world's first Karaoke machine, which allowed people from all walks of life to enjoy singing along to written lyrics and background music from popular songs. Many people enjoy cutting loose with a little Karaoke while partying with friends - even children enjoy setting up a little Karaoke machine and singing along to Justin Bieber tunes or other songs for their age group. Without Karoake, there would be far less off-key renditions of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion ballads - but the world would undoubtedly be a much duller place.

  • How our knowledge about electricity has blossomed

Throughout the decades since electricity was invented (around 1752, in Benjamin Franklin's day), Filipino scientists have contributed greatly to finding new and exciting ways to harness this powerful force. From geothermal energy, to fun machines that help people connect and feel closer to one another...the scientists of the Philippines have been there, creating exciting new inventions that push the envelope and make the world a more interesting place. To learn more about science, inventions, and the Philippines, consider buying some books on the subject, or taking a course on Filipino history.

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