How To Plant A Mongo Seed?


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I think that here, "mongo" may be a spelling mistake, and that you actually meant "mango" - I could not find any resources online about planting mongo seeds! Here are the steps involved in planting a mango tree seed.

  • Step one - get your seed

Mango seeds are very rarely sold in the same way that, for example, carrot or tomato seeds are sold. Instead, the easiest (and most delicious!) way to find a mango seed is to eat a very ripe mango. Once you have finished eating your mango, you need to clear any extra fruit flesh from the "husk" - the part in the middle of the fruit which contains the seed. Opening the husk to access the seed will be quite tricky, and will require a tool such as a knife.

  • Step two - plant your seed

For the first stage of plantation, your mango seed will prefer a medium sized plant pot. Ensure that you use the best quality soil you can afford in order to achieve the best quality results. Also, make sure that your plant pot has drainage holes at the bottom, so that water can travel through the soil easily.

When planting your seed, ensure that the soil is damp, not flooded - too much water may actually prevent your mango seed from going. When putting your seed into the soil, make sure that the eye (the lightest colored part of the seed) is facing upwards, as this is the way that the mango plant will grow. Then, cover your seed with about half an inch of soil.

  • Step three - wait patiently

This is the part that most people find the hardest, but you must leave your seed alone in order for it to germinate properly. If your seed sprouts proper roots and a good, strong shoot, your end product will be much more healthy and successful. Germination can take a couple of weeks.
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You just dig a hole in the soil then put 5 or 6 mongo seeds in the soil with the hole with it then when your done doing that then cover it with soil then you put some water in it then after 3 or 4 weeks it will grow...:) (pls every day water your mongo seed so it will grow....) thats  all yeah
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You dig the soil and put the seed and then you watch tv

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