Observation Chart About How Mongo Seeds Grow?


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You may not find an observation chart, but I can tell you what the stages of the growing of the seed are. Firstly, mongo seeds are soaked in water for eight hours. This causes them to swell, and those that do not swell after these hours should be removed. The second stage, the seeds should be removed from the water, drained, and then placed into a whole new container so that they can germinate. These swollen seeds will eventually germinate, and tops of the new sprouts will begin to break through the seed wall.

In stage three, the seeds will germinate properly, and the sprouts will grow to between 1 and 2 cm. This will occur either two or three days after stage one has occurred. These new sprouts can be eaten, or they can be left to continue to sprout. The fourth stage will happen between three and four days after the first stage. The length of the sprouts will increase to between 2 and 3 cm.

In the penultimate stage, which is four or five days after soaking, the sprouts will begin reaching the length of about 5 cm. Within the world of commercial sprout production, this is the standard length for sale. Depending on the preference of the consumer, these can be left to continue to sprouts. In the final stage, the sprouts will actually be left to soak for another couple of days - and during these days, they will reach nearly 10 cm.

After being soaked and reaching the right height, the seeds are harvested. They must be removed from the sprouting container and then washed. They need to be washed between three and four times so that the seed coat is removed. These sprouts can be eaten raw, or cooked.
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Hi! I read this whole series on germinating mango seeds.  Check it out at:
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Let it get sunlight and water and air and soil.
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I hope you mean mango, because that is what I am going to assume.  First of all, most mango pits will not germinate if the fruit is shipped cold.  I've had very good luck with just getting all the meat I could off the pit and then sticking it, upright and round side facing downward, into the dirt in the outside plant pots in my backyard.  I've also kept them mounted on toothpicks, like you would an avocado pit, in a clear glass of cup, again, round side down, in a sunny window and changing the water often.  Good luck with your mango.  Incidentally, you need at least two plants in order to produce fruit, and they grow to tree size,  Blessings.
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Keep mango seed in soil and water it

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