Why Do People Live Near The River Nile?


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The nile river is a major help for fertile soil, irrigation, businesses, and transportation.
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easy transport
can be used to generate power
can grow crops nearby
and because of the lovely scenery!!

Hope that helps!!
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Because when the river floods every year a layer of fertile soil washes out of the nile so they can grow crops
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Being a desert area Nile prevented the extreme hot of north eastern part of Africa.  Niles made Egypt a fertile land. Due to the fertility of land people from various parts of desert migrated to the river valley of Nile in search of drinking water, irrigation water, fertile land, fishing, navigation and trade. Later the civilisation emerged in that area is known as Sumerian civilisation.
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So the nile will flood and their crops will get water
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There are the reasons for they live there, some conveniences are : water 's important for them and they can fish too for their meals. Some inconveniences are it's very hot there, too hot for living and planting, so some don't have the choice to move. Such is the life, everyone has its different living.

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