24 X 24 How Many Square Feet Is That?


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I will presume that you mean 24 inches multiplied by 24 inches and so the answer to this is 576 square feet.

Many people use square feet when measuring property and specific room measurements will be found in square feet. This is fairly simple to achieve, firstly you must start by measuring both lengths of the room, for example, the two adjacent walls. Most measurements would be in feet and inches so to convert them fully into inches then you must times it by 12 which is how many inches are in a foot.

You will find hard floors, carpets and tiles are also bought in quantities of square feet and so learning how to measure your rooms, walls and floors is very useful for future reference.

If you are still struggling on how to work out square feet it is certainly worth getting some help from someone that does know how to correctly work square footage out. Obviously builders and people in this trade such as carpet fitters will normally come round your house and take the measurements for you and give you a quote for the cost of the required work. As if your measurements are not correct and could be wildly off then you may well end up ordering too many or too few tiles, carpet or flooring.

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