Do We Get Earthquakes In England?


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I don't really think so, I think this is a safe country.

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We can get them mainly by either

  • A major plate collides with ours
  • Or glacial rebound from the last great ice age

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Yes because in england a few million years ago we had fault lines and there are still a few left over that is why we get earthquakes but if we do get them they are normally very small the biggest ever one has a richter scale of about 6.0
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The fault lines we got a million years ago havn't just dissapeard. :L they have just become more dorment, but are still a very real threat
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Most people in Britain spend their lives blissfully unaware of earthquakes. Though it would surprise them to know that they are quite common, sometimes up to three a week. Luckily the geology below us is fairly stable so most even in the fault area go unnoticed. Most quakes are centred in the West Midlands as there is a large fault running down the side of Birmingham and two active faults along the border with Wales.

The largest quake to hit Britain in recent years was recorded by the British Geological Survey team in Edinburgh as 4.8 on the Richter scale. Though tiny by Global standards it resulted in wide spread panic, overloading the emergency services telephone system. As although centred on the West Midlands the shock was felt in London.

Equakes of this magnitude are rare, with the majority not reaching much above 3.5 on the Richter scale.
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Yeah we do but when I was younger we had one and everyone at school was on about it and I said that I didnt feel anythin but my mum said there not as bad as the ones you get in Japan!
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Yes, Britain is also one of the countries that is suffering from being the most-hit by earthquakes countries.
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We have loads,  remember the big one in january 2007?, I live in Manchester and it shook my bed

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