What Types Of Waves Are Created By An Earthquake?


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Seismologists have discovered that there are several kinds of vibrations, or waves, created during an earthquake. These waves radiate in all directions from the epicenter, the focus or place of origin of the quake. As the waves pass through the earth they curve with a curvature opposite to that of the earth's surface, and seismograph stations miles away receive and register the waves. There are three kinds of waves: (1) the main wave, traveling along the crust, (2) a primary ("P") wave (a push-pull type wave) and (3) a secondary ("S") wave (a transverse wave). Both of these latter waves travel through the earth. The "P" wave is deflected about 1,800 miles (2,900 kilometers) down. The "S" wave is completely eliminated beyond this depth. This happens because they evidently meet some kind of barrier at the lower boundary of the mantle where it meets the outer core below. Another beam of the "P" wave continues through the earth's center, though the "S" wave goes no deeper than 1,800 miles.
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Seismogram is an instrument that provide great information regarding to the behaviors of waves .There are basically two main types of waves that are created at the time of earthquake. One is surface waves and other is known as body waves. Body waves are further divided into primary or P waves and secondary or S waves. Surface waves travel normally on the layer of the earth whereas body wave's movement is in the interior of the earth.

The facts on which body waves are divided is their mode of transmission and propagation .P waves normally push and pull the rock in the direction of wave motion , whereas S waves shake the ground in the direction of right angle .P waves can pas through soil, liquid and gases whereas S waves cannot pass through liquids and gases .

Travel time for P waves is mush greater then the S waves. P waves travel with the speed of 6 kilometer /sec whereas S waves travel with the speed of 3 kilometer /sec. It is a fact that as surface waves is generated on the surface so they cause more destruction when they are produced at the time of earthquake. Surface waves are also called as Long waves.

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