What Types Of Nerds Are There?


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1) Computer nerds (the kids who just 'get' technology in all its forms and functions)
2) Anime nerds (these range from reading japanese comic books under the covers to dressing up at cosplay)
3) Science/Math nerd (characterized as doing complex physics problems using calculus... For fun!)
4) Lit. Nerd (are you in love with Mr. Darcy?  You might be a lit. Nerd! These nerds range from bookworms to very social literature-discussers, using books as the media for discussions of larger life questions)
5) Art Nerd (whether you're artistic verbally, actively or visually yay for artists.  If not you may still be an art nerd, see lit nerd and just substitute art for Lit.)
6) Band Nerd (or orch dorks or techno-kids, and basically any kid who has ever picked up an instrument)
7) Theater nerd (some people will want to divide the on-stage from the off-stage, but I don't discriminate.  Theater kids UNITE!!)
8) Film nerd- (monty python anyone? Yes these are the movie fan-boys/girls, director buffs, the ones who either look at films as art, or as an expression of awesome)
9) Comic Nerd (DC or Marvel? Personally, I differenciate from comic nerds and anime nerds, but they will not, so... They read watchmen and write essays on the relative moral goodness of each one, and argue which is less bad )
10) Role-playing nerd (dnd? Giai? Cosplay? CONVENTIONS? The bedroom?)
11) Collectors (of any variety though admittedly some are more nerdy than others, bottle-caps are somewhere between yu-gi-oh or magic cards and baseball cards)
12) Social Nerds (whether its debating whos the best vigilante (rorschach btws) or how dragons might be able to breathe fire without burning themselves, what is the best song from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? We're talkers.. Discussers users of much brain for little purpose... We also answer questions in class... All the time)
13) nerd-by-association (analyze your friends, if the majority are nerds guess what, so are you!!)
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In my opinion, everyone is a nerd in some way or form, so there is a type of nerd for each type of person. Hope this helps
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