What Is The Environmentally Safest Place To Live In The World? The Place That Is Free From The Threat Of Flood, Tornados And Etc?


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I would have to say New England. At least in a Nor Easter you know it's coming, and if you are caught in a snow storm, you can stay where you are,( work or where ever) until the plows come. I have lived many places in the world and U.S. And always come back to New England. It is very rare to have a tornado, we do have hurricanes on a small scale,no volcanos, and the "fault "is extremely inactive. I only heard of one tiny earthquake here in my life,(trust me I'm not young) No tsunami's and no real droughts or wildfires that are widespread.  And another safe reason to live here is no deadly bugs or other creatures who's bite ,spit,tails or teeth kill you. Pretty cool.( actually our mosquitoes do have EEE and west nile) but these instances are rare thank god.( I guess just watch the pot holes and you should be OK!!!!!!)
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The highland valleys of Peru, some valleys in the Himalayas and the island of Maui at an elevation of over 1,000 feet are all places thought to be the safest from natural disasters. Also they are fertal enough and have enough water to allow a good sized population to sustain them selves.
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Their will be 4 places on earth that Re-Population after somesort of global cataclysm will be possible, all must be over 2,000 ft. And away from volcanos, and it so happens that all are in Africa.  Morocco, Ethiopia, Mali, & Madagascar. This information came to me from a compilation of scientific data and opinions.
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The Scottish Highlands would be a good bet. No tornadoes that I can remember, floods are very few and far between. Could be a problem with snow though
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I don't think where ever you move to is save because there would always be threats and always something bad happening but if you want to go some where that don't have like tornados or floods go some where that have high land and you know that can't get a tornado
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Hi according of the safe place that you talked about to be free from the flood and tornado for living in the world. actually you can live in the place not near the sea , not in the islands or on the mountain then it's safe but many people think of to live near the beach for seeing the big wave of the see and breathing the fresh air, so to make you sure that not everywhere has flood and tornodo they are only the islands which sometimes be able to happen such problem.
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I lived in Calgary, Alberta Canada for 18+ years. It's 90 minutes by car to the Rockies. Not near the sea. In the off centre middle of North America. 3200 ft above sea level. Cold Winters, draught probs would occur if cut off, however never felt or had an earth quake or flood except spring run off from the river. And interestingly enough, a huge grave sight for millions of dinosaurs in Drumheller. Which indicates to me that it was one of the last safest places on earth when they were wiped out. That's my logic :-D
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Well looking at weather patterns, Climate,  Nuclear stations, effects following nuclear detonations and population density surely one of the safest places to live would be south island New Zealand, somewhere at least 500m above sea level and rural enough to be able to grow your own crops.... Without worrying about civilian unrest it is very difficult to say but my bet would be New Zealand.
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Well nothing is completely safe from disaster except 6 feet under. LOL ne how I would say the central portion or any continent. Because of the rights and money we have here in America I would say maby Montana. North dokota. Far from tsunami threats. You know this earth was once nothing but hot magma, so at ne time it could decide to go back there. What if a hugh comet hit earth? Go to history channel .com to find out. The point is none of are really safe so live for today and plan for tomorrow just remember it might not come. Don't LIVE IN FEAR>
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Regardless of where you find thats safe, when the 'unsafe' areas get hit, where will the starved and distraught MASSES be heading?

He he he... Live for the now, and be nice.
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I think Alaska would be safe, they have no tornadoes, no floods, no hurricanes, and no tornadoes, the only bad thing is the snow which isn't very distructive.

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