Where Is The Safest Place To Live On The Planet?


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Anywhere that is warm and has no resources that Americans might want for cheap or free.
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Now, the safest places on the Planet are said to be, the Fourcorners Area around Cortez, Colorado and Cusco, Peru.  Mainly because of geological conditions.
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If we take it in a broader term then World is the safest place to live instead of any other planet. Otherwise, any place you would like is the safest place. People have homes in Islands, on hills and mountains and in front of sea. These are such places which one would think that are not safe but still people manage to spend their lives on such places. So you can say that plain areas are good places to live.

One other aspect of this is that the safest place is where you find the security, good environment, good food ,good play grounds, parks and educational institutes. There are number of such places in the world. Like Switzerland is called the paradise of the world.
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There is no safer place than America and it's really dangerous still.so there is no safe place to live
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Okay the only safe place to live is with me in my bed!!!! Theres no war, no crimes or no money problems. My bed is soft and big and theres enough pillows for everyone

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