Is Fire A Element, Compound Or Mixture?


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There are four basic elements or part as you say  on earth which are natural that cannot be change or controlled that are water, mud , air and fire so fire can be called as essential part of is not an element ,compound or a mixture but it is basic.the reason is that man cannot controlled sometime these things could be a blessing and at the same time they apear as storm flood or calamity.the temprature of earth is maintained by a gret ball of fire called sun.  
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Look man fire is a element and having pure form of energy without it you cannot live a minute,
as you know your body needs heat for digation ,body work etc.
Every second when you are working there is lot of heat releases for giving you needed energy
so another thing is that man can control this element as well as water and air,
every second you do that i am not talking about controlling atmosphere but in your own body
your mind do these things for you keeping you alive......
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Both of you are incorrect. Fire is a compound, because an element can not be broken down into other substances, which fire can. Your answer may have been sufficient, in the 1st century.

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