What Are The Elements Of Group Dynamics?


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Group Dynamics is basically the study of groups and the processes that are involved in group formation and functioning. It is a field that is very diverse and has the elements of sociology, communication studies and psychology.

Groups are actually individuals that are connected to each other by social relationships. Then there also groups that are formed in organization. Since they have to interact with each other, it is termed as a very dynamic process.

Elements of Group Dynamics:
Elements of Group Dynamics usually include the following:

- Forming:
In this element the collection of individuals strive to form a group. Issues such as composition, work load division, leadership and life span are taken care of. Individuals see a need to establish their personal identities and acquaintance with each other.

- Storming:
This involves surfacing of a conflict in the group. The purpose of the formation of group, leadership, roles etc are challenged by some individuals. However this element leads to reveling of actual identities and motives and building of trust amongst the group members.

- Norming:
Patterns of work are set within the group. Issues such as level of commitment, structure, harmony etc are also established .

- Performing:
After coming to terms with all the issues, the group actually starts performing. It is characterized with the orientation of achievement, productivity, norms, culture and structure of the group. The focus is on the accomplishment of goals.

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