What Is The Lewis Structure Of Cu(NO3)2?


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The lewis structure of Cu(NO3)2, also known as copper (II) nitrate, is given below:

You may also see copper (II) nitrate represented as this:

Copper (II) nitrate is an oxidant and converts easily into copper (II) oxide which has a variety of uses. As for copper (II) nitrate itself, this inorganic compound is a dark blue crystalline powder is also used for coloring textiles and ceramics, plating certain metals, making light sensitive paper, preserving wood, as a catalyst by pharmaceutical companies, and hydrated copper nitrate is combined with clay to form slurry useful in the oxidation of other compounds.

As an oxidant, care should be taken around copper (II) nature as it is an irritant to the eyes and skin. The compound is available in bulk from most commercial chemical providers at around $158 for 2.5kg.

Copper (II) nitrate is also useful in the lab, as this YouTube user demonstrates:

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