What Affects How Well The Human Body Absorbs Calcium?


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Several factors affect how efficiently the human body absorbs calcium from food.

The first is age. Children are able to absorb about 60% of the calcium in their food ~ this ensures that they obtain enough calcium to supply their growing bones and teeth. As people age, their ability to absorb calcium declines. Adults manage to absorb only about 20% of calcium in their food. Further decline of calcium absorption in old age can lead to a calcium deficiency and people over 51 should take in extra calcium to counteract this effect.

The amount of vitamin D in the body also affects calcium absorption. Vitamin D is also obtained from the diet but it can also be made in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. The more vitamin D in the body, the better its calcium absorption efficiency.

Women who are pregnant absorb calcium from their food at a much higher level than when they are not pregnant. This adaptation helps ensure that the growing baby gets enough calcium for healthy bone formation.

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