What Does Calcium Do For Your Body?


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Our body requires calcium to build, assemble and maintain our bones and teeth strong. We must take up calcium each day from our dietary and nutritional intake as our body can not make and formulate calcium. We lose calcium during shed skin, nails, hair, sweat, and urine. When we do not have enough calcium, our body starts to break down the bones in order to obtain the mineral.

A small amount of old bones are removed and new bones are formed, this process is termed as remodelling of the bones. This process occurs on regular and constant basis. Usually, after ages of 35 in human more bones are lost than the bones gained. Bone loss accelerates after menopause cycle in women.

Women are vulnerable and susceptible to osteoporosis (Abnormal loss of bony tissue resulting in fragile porous bones attributable to a lack of calcium), or a thinning and tapering of the bones, which develops gradually over several years. There are varieties of foods which are helpful in producing calcium in body. The main component is milk and dairy products that offer the major source of calcium. Green vegetables are also a big source of calcium. So, by having a balanced diet with a variety of foods is very significant.
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Makes your bones stronger  and healthier adds protection for muscles and connective tissue
some high lights are
*Anti-diarrheal effects
*Protection against infections
*Reduce risk of colon cancer
*Immune enhancement
*Reduced symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
*Anti-Inflammatory effects
*Prevention of allergic reactions
Calcium has can help with growth,maintenance of bones and teeth
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Calcium is a chemical element which is necessary to make bone and teeth strong.about 90% of calcium store in bone.As we know that bone is a living cell the process of resorption and deposition continue as time pass. Calcium help to make bone and teeth strong.if there is lack of calcium in body the bone become porous and weak which cause fracture easily.
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Calcium strengthens your bones by adding matter

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