How Many Seasons Are There In The Desert? How Long Are The Seasons?


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3 There are 3 seasons in the desert:
Summers,Monsoons,Autumn(Post Monsoons),Winters.
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I have lived in the desert (as properly defined above, my desert is in lower AZ, USA) for all of my conscious life. Technically there are four well defined seasons, not completely different than what would be experienced in, lets say, MS, USA. We do not have the same types or amounts of vegetation so some may perceive a difference from one to the other but for all intents and purposes it's the same. The summers of AZ, USA, which is what most people focus on in the desert, is actually no more severe or lengthy that the winters of MS, USA. I personally find the environment much more friendly to human existence in the desert. (By that I mean that although the heat of the desert can kill you in a couple hours at its worst, the coldness of higher country can kill you in minutes when it's at it's worst.)

As a laymen, my answer to your question would be; you have a "hot season" (March to April) followed by a "really hot season"(May to October), followed by another "hot season"(November to December), followed by a very short "not as hot season"(January to mid-February). LOL
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Two summer, winter
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3 seasons. 1.cold 3.rain
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Well I don't know but I asked this ? And I really need it, like desperately for my science class!!!
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There are 5 seasons- winter, spring, summer, wet summer, and fall. I'm not sure how long they last. I'm trying to figure that one out myself.
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Someone that has to help a 10 year old do a damn biome and report on the desert! Anyways who would comment on this and why are you here on this sight, that bored huh?
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The word desert is used to refer to a place that has less than 300 mm of rain each year. The evaporation rate in a desert exceeds the precipitation rate for most of the year in a desert.

There are many seasons in a desert depending on their geographical location. Deserts are not always hot and made of sand. This is a misconception. In fact there are deserts in Antarctica. Which are made of snow. All the deserts have at least one season of rainfall.

The deserts at high altitude normally have cold and dry weather. There are wind currents blowing through the winter in such deserts. Then there are deserts that are at low altitudes and the weather is hot there.

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I think there is two because you put all the hot ones together for summer.And put the coldish one as winter. Maybe?

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