How Is "Oasis" Floral Foam Made, And From What?


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Oasis is made from phenolic foam - Adv. Ranjith Xavier
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Bubbles of air of course. But I would also like to know from what material this bubbles escape. Is it PUR or so?
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Many people don't realize that 'Oasis' is a trademarked company name for a foam that is often used by florists. It is usually soaked in water before it is placed in the bottom of a floral centrepiece. The flower stems are then inserted into the foam. The 'Oasis' foam serves to provide structure to the arrangment by holding up the flowers. As well, it hydrates the flowers for a long period of time, increasing longevity. The centrepiece can be gently watered once the foam has dried out and the 'Oasis' will continue to hydrate the plants.

Oasis, like other foams, is made from a lightweight material. It is produced by introducing gas bubbles during manufacturing. The principle used in manufacturing foam is like that of foamy soap bubbles. Bubble bath and manufactured foam are created in a similar way. The gas bubbles introduced into the substance create an airy and lightweight end product product.
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Yeah, right! But what is it MADE from? What's the point of talking about "bubbles" when you don't tell us bubbles of WHAT?!

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