Which Modern Inventions Would You Find It Most Difficult To Live Without? What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages? Why Is It Important To You?


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Cliff Marrero answered
I think the car is the best invention. We can't live without it. We need it to work, bring food and to transport items. The drawback it has is the obvious pollution it contributes.
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I feel  its the gr8est invention....I mean like without it the entire world would be a stink bomb.....whoever invented it was a total genius
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Electricity, almost nothing can be done without it, I think it's one of the greatest invention of all time.
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Books... I think that we can't live without them. I consider that books are with us during all our life. When I was a child my parents read them to me. I was pleased to listen to the stories and tales. I learned a lot of interesting things from books. I remember, I liked thick books.

Later I could read myself. I like to read books about animals, nature and children. I like to get presents on my birthday. I am happy if it is a book. It doesn't matter what kind of book it is. I like to read almost all books. If I have got time I like to spend it with my favourite book.

When I was fifteen I was fond of reading too. But I preferred to read books about travels. I travelled with the heroes of the stories. I saw many interesting places and learned a lot of important facts about other countries and people. Now I like to read books on science.

You can learn many things from books. I am sure that books play a very important role in my life. Our family has got many books. All the members of our family buy books and read them. My mother says that books help us in self-education.

In ancient times books were written by hand. It was difficult to write a book with a pen. Then printing came into our life. Printing played an important role in the development of literature and culture. Now there are a lot of books in the shops, there are many books in our flats. But it is difficult to buy all books which we want to read. That's why we get books in public libraries.

There are some problems in our life and sometimes it is difficult to solve them. I think that books can help us. Last year I read a very interesting book "An American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser. This novel was published at the beginning of the 20th century. The novel describes the tragic fate of a boy and a girl, Clyde and Roberta by name. It is a sad story. This novel was written many years ago, but it is popular nowadays.

Books must be our friends during all our life.
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I'm torn between the crock pot and the electric frying pan.  They're both great because you can make an entire meal in either of them. The crock pot has a few settings, High, Low and Warm and you can throw your meal in it, set the temp and go about your day.  The electric fry pan's are good because you can also make a whole meal in it but the down side is you kind of have to watch it. More so than the crock pot I mean, even if the fry pan is set on simmer you still need to be around to keep an eye on things.  I guess I didn't really pick one tho....sorry.

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