Why Do People Believe That The Wheel Was The Most Important Invention In History?


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Many people think that the wheel was the most important invention in history, but this is not totally true. The decisive discovery for humans was the hand-axe. However primitive it may have been, it was the first tool manufactured by humans, and quickly proved to be very important and useful. This was a catalyst. Rather than using accidentally encountered objects as tools, people began to create various tools and utensils deliberately. Many cultures managed to get on very well without the wheel, but it is not possible to find any culture with toolmakers.

The wheel was a very important invention because with a wheel, people could haul things, move things, and create transportation. However, tools like the hand-axe were much more important because the creations of the wheel could not have been completed without the use of tools such as the hand-axe. Therefore one of the most important inventions in history is the tool, especially the hand-axe.

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