What Is Freezing In Centigrade And Farenheit?


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Centigrade scale - 0 degree Celsius, Fahrenheit scale- 32 degree Fahrenheit
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Freezing on the Celsius or centigrade scale is measured as zero degrees. In the Farenheit system freezing is 32 degrees. The Farenheit system has fallen out of mainstream use almost the world over except for the US. Its supporters have always claimed that it allowed for more accurate measurement as each degree is about five ninths the size of a Celsius degree. People also like the way in which, for example, "temperatures in the eighties" communicated a hot summer day. The Celsius scale is less precise so that a temperature "in the twenties" could be mild or very hot. There are lots of stories about how Farenheit fixed his scale. Some say he fixed zero based on the coldest outdoor temperatures he could find. He assessed his own body temperature at 100 degrees suggesting he might have been feverish at the time. Others say he might have been basing his measurements on the body temperature of a cow.

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