What Is The Freezing Temperature Of Water At Sea Level In Degrees C?


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Physical properties of water show that at sea level water has following temperature characteristics:

Freezing point of water at sea level = 0o Celsius or 32o Fahrenheit (F)

Boiling point of water at sea level =  212o F and 186.4° at 14,000 feet

It is very interesting to note that water shows a very strange behavior when it's temperature reaches to freezing point at sea level. In fact when winters come, sea water starts cooling as temperature of atmosphere goes down. Water contracts with decrease in temperature and when temperature reaches at 4o Celsius, then on further lowering of temperature, water expands till  0o Celsius. In this way an ice cover is formed on the surface of the sea at  0o Celsius and it acts as insulator and further lowering in temperature does not affect the water under the ice. This characteristic of water is very significant for saving the creature under water.

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The question was what the freezing temperature of _WATER_ is at sea level, not brine or sea water. Amber22 gave a complete and correct answer. Of course, Sea water has a different freezing temperature which depends on the total salinity (the amount of salt dissolved in the water). If you add salt to water, you lower the freezing temperature of it. That's why you can melt ice on your driveway by putting salt on it.
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Just make it simple,
Mix crush ice with brine (sea water). Then check what is happening in temperature.
In this solution, temperatures goes down to minus somewhere -2 ~-3.
Then back to above question.
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I thiink it's 0 celcius and Amber22 stole my idea because she is a beeep

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