What Is Freezing Point?


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For any given liquid, the freezing point is the temperature at which the liquid changes state
from a liquid to a solid. The temperature remains at this point until
all the liquid has solidified. It is invariable under similar
conditions of pressure – for example, the freezing point of water under
standard atmospheric pressure is 0°C/32°F.
For a given liquid under similar conditions, the freezing point and melting point are the same temperature.
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Freezing points means a point at which liquid or even gas changes its state and turns into solid.
Let us take example of water. Water is a liquid at room temperature which is usually 25 Celsius. But when the temperature falls to zero Celsius or below (like in Arctic and Antarctica), water becomes solid and is called Ice. Different liquids and gases have different Freezing points.
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It means when the water freezes because of the air and its coldness
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Freezing point is when a gas condenses or a liquid solidifies.

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