What Is The Economic Importance Of Arthropods?


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Arthropods have very little impact in economical terms globally but are important locally where they are found in abundance. Arthropods are six-legged animals without a vertebrae and can be found in plants, on the ground and in the water. Since they are under one centimeter in length they are very insignificant in economic terms, there is no value or demand in arthropods although they are a part of the ecological food chain for other animals.

  • Economics
For something to be important economically a number of people have to have some sort of financial dependence. Economic dependence can be double edged, it is good to have something that provides a source of income but over dependence can create problems if there is ever a problem or issue in supply. Like most areas of life having a variety of economic sources provides the best balance allowing priorities to switch if one source becomes a problem.

  • Balance
Having a balanced economy is always preferable. An economy that is over dependent on a particular source is likely to be unstable with it's viability tied too closely to one source. During periods of plentiful supply an economy will be strong but the reverse is also true meaning that there will be harder economic times when there is a problem with the supply.

  • Dependence
Very few, if any, economies will be reliant on any sort of insect. An economy dependent on a single type of insect is a weak economy. A number of natural climatic factors can impact upon the supply of insects which leaves a dependent economy is danger from circumstances such as flood or drought. Creating a balanced economy should be a priority in every country and region.
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Arthropods are SO important. They are crustaceans basically. The crustaceans are eaten and fished. Billion dollar industry. Think lobster.
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Itz not complete .wat abt the insects like honeybee[Apis indica] , silk worm[Bombyx mori],lac insect[Laccifer lacca]
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Your mom is the economic impotence

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