How To Treat Jiggers?


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Having 'jiggers', or 'chiggers' as an alternative spelling, can be very uncomfortable for a lot of people as they causing itching and a rash on the skin. Although the condition is not contagious, the parasites can jump from one person to another so if you live with other people, it is best to get the problem sorted out as soon as possible.

So what is the best way to treat jiggers?

  • To treat jiggers, you need to make sure you completely get rid of the infestation of the little mites. This may involve buying some household cleaners or insect repellents to get rid of the bugs in your home.
  • This is not usually a quick fix solution and you may have to treat the affected skin for anywhere up to two weeks before completely getting rid of the bugs.
  • Start by soaking the affected area of skin in warm, soapy water to kill any germs. Unlike their close relatives - ticks, chiggers do not actually burrow into the skin when they bite. So washing the skin will help detach them from the infected area.
  • After washing, use an antiseptic cream or ointment to prevent any further infection.
If you are really suffering from the itching, you could also get an antihistamine which can be used to treat rashes and itches on the skin. As it may take up to two days for the itching to stop after the jigger has been washed off the skin, you may need to get something to treat the itchiness too.

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