What Is Male Ego?


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Male ego is a term that is frequently used in common speech as well as in the realms of psychiatry. It is used to refer to the attitude and behavior of a person who has an exaggerated opinion of his capabilities and importance. Such a person is primarily perceived to be a pompous and conceited person who tries to assert his importance in various ways usually in the presence of women. This sort of behavior is more often than not observed in men rather than women and hence is referred to as the male ego.

A male ego is often associated with a poor opinion of oneself in comparison with others and is believed to stem from an inherent complex which may alternate between feelings of superiority and inferiority resulting in the desire to impress others. The male ego manifests itself in various ways primarily related to one's accomplishments in life.
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Ego is wider than that. Ego makes the world go round, motivates great advances and causes most of our problems. Ego wants to win the argument, prefers his opinion, rubbishes the opposing side. Ego causes wars, over-rides the better way in favour of what will boost his image. Sadly the egomaniac usually wins, until defeated by a bigger ego or just common sense.. Take dear old Winston, he would rather lose 40,000 men rather than admit one of his hare-brained schemes was not a stroke of genius. And the people loved him.
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When guys think a lot of themselves, when they are too proud to know that they are wrong or that they make mistakes..

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